1000 Likes on Facebook!!

I’ve had a lot of visitors on facebook lately, and mommy was showing me my page earlier and it says 1000 people like me! I guess this means time for more photos, I don’t mind really, she doesn’t use flash 😉 Thank you to everyone!

100 facebook likes for Gothickitty!

Starting off with my favorite links is World Cat Day!


150 likes on Facebook!

Gothic Kitty and Descending Night

Looking spooky

When I woke up this afternoon from my catnap, mommy said 150 people like my Facebook page now! Thank you to everyone, that makes me very happy! I used to get annoyed because mommy followed me around with a camera all the time, but now I think I might ask her to make some more videos, and maybe take some more pretty headshots like this one 🙂

Gothic Kitty Wants Salad

Gothic Kitty Talks

Thirsty Gothic Kitty

Gothic Kitty vs the Washing Machine

Gothic Kitty has a new toy

Gothic Kitty Go Round

Gothic Kitty vs The Mosquito